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Our brand

Brou is a sustainable lifestyle brand, that works to bring better and more sustainable products to the market. Our products are all plastic free, vegan, sustainable and biodegradable. Our products come in minimal and 100% recycled biodegradable packaging. We create our products and source our materials to create a positive environmental impact. In the office, we always say that waste simply is a design flaw and that we can do better.

We believe in small actions made by millions, can change the world. Not a few people doing all the work, while the rest is watching. Let's change the world together!

Our mission

Brou’s mission has always been to reduce waste and create alternatives to single-use and unsustainable products. While being beautiful and the best quality possible. Through our blog and various social media, we hope to engage our community in a sustainable lifestyle journey. we hope to bring knowledge to the people and inspire others to walk in front. we want to make reducing your waste and finding better alternatives convenient, simple and beautiful.