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Some amazing facts about bamboo

Some amazing facts about bamboo

Bamboo is stronger than steel

If I asked you to come up with the strongest material you could, you would probably answer something along the lines of steel or aluminium. But actually bamboo has greater tensile strength than good old steel. Tensile strength is the resistance of a material to being pulled apart. Furthermore bamboo is even capable of being hit harder than the most common concrete used in construction. Bamboo is quite incredible, especially taking into account that it grows fully naturally in nature while being one of the strongest materials on earth. The secret sauce lies in the bamboos ability to bend without breaking. Due to these amazing structural properties bamboo is being spread more widely as a building material and is now being used in bicycle frames and most recently household items like cutlery and even toothbrushes. (not to brag but we've created our own, to bring more sustainable materials into the everyday life of households, they are available here)

Fastest plant EVER

Bamboo is a type of woody grasses in the grass family Poaceae. In the “tribe” Bambuseae also known as bamboo, there are over 1,000 species. The bamboo genera species actually holds the world record for the fastest growing plant ever. This specific type of bamboo can grow astonishing 91 centimetres (35 inches) in a day, which comes out to nearly 4 centimetres (1.5 inches) per hour. This is probably the only plant you won't get bored looking at because it will outgrow you in a matter of hours. this extreme growth means that the bamboo actually moves at 0.00003 km/h (0.00002 mph). To add to this, some species of bamboo can grow to the amazing hight of 50 meters (165ft) and that's in record time. All of this adds up to an amazing plant that makes a great sustainable and renewable material because of the fast growth and quick harvest time.

Natural antibacterial

As bamboo is spreading as a raw material for building and product manufacturing, new uses follow. One of these is using bamboo fibres to make a very smooth and silk-like material that can be made into clothes. One of the great things about using bamboo for clothing is its natural antibacterial properties. In tests where bamboo and cotton were held up against each other to see which would kill more bacteria over a 24-hour test period, the bamboo killed almost all of the bacteria placed, while the cotton didn't kill any. This translates into cleaner and less harmful clothes, towels and sheets, because of the bamboo fibres naturally killing the bacteria.

 Good at oxygen

If you by now don't believe that bamboo is an amazing plant, wait till I tell you that it isn't just the fastest growing plant, but also produces 35% more oxygen than other hardwood trees. Bamboo can actually absorb an amazing 12 tons of CO2 per 2.5 acres in only one year. This means that bamboo actually can help stabilize our atmosphere and absorb a great amount of the greenhouse gases contribute to the ever-rising global warming.


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