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A couple tips for a sustainable lifestyle

A couple tips for a sustainable lifestyle

Buy less

When producing waste, the number one key factor is the number of things you buy that will produce waste at some point, either when you're done with the product or packaging involved with the product itself. Therefore buying less is the number one thing that you can do, to reduce your waste.

so when looking for things or going shopping ask yourself if, you really need it, will it last long enough to be worth the waste, can I use something I already own. Asking yourself these questions will help determine if it's really necessary to buy. Not only will these questions help the world waste, but also do a great job for your wallet.


Buy better

With all that said, you still need to make some purchases and generally live unless you live completely self-sustaining. So making those purchases count, and taking into account where they came from and where they will end up. again asking yourself a series of questions before buying is a great idea, I generally ask myself whether its local, where it came from, is it long lasting, where does it end when done with it. After taking all these into consideration and end up with whether you think its a good or bad idea you, make the purchase. But settling for less is a generally bad idea because this means you probably will end up replacing it and will need to get a new item instead. So always remember to be satisfied with your purchases as you will most likely keep them longer and create less waste. An important endnote to this segment is really looking at the packaging, because of up to 40% of all plastic being used for packaging. So go for the zero packaging products or at least the recycled/cardboard options.

Less is more

These days the consumer culture is trying to convince us that buying is happiness, but really a simplistic and minimalistic lifestyle can shine a light on what's really important to get a happy life. So always remembering that materialistic things won't make you happy, is key to less waste. Looking at what you already have when considering to buy new, and really considering whether it will make you happy or give you a short rush of consumer high.

Buying less unnecessary things also gives a great opportunity to instead focus on experiences and self-improvement that gives actual value to your life, not to mention the weight your wallet will be putting on.



Rather than changing out all of your plastic non-reusable items in your house and going fully zero waste in a week, start small and build your way up to being fully sustainable, this is much better than going back to normal in a couple of months because you rushed into it. There are going to be bumps on the road, and things are not always going to go exactly go after your head, but always remembering to do what you can at where you are and just moving forward is important. Because each step along the way is a step towards the future we all want.


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