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free zero waste changes

free zero waste changes

Stop the shopping spree

buying new clothing can be very joyful, but is also one of the most wasteful industries. So cutting down on new clothes cut your waste impact significantly. Instead of buying new go to the thrift store, switch around things and try new combinations. A great alternative is to DIY or upcycle your old clothes to make new stylish pieces of clothing.


      Ditch the grocery bags

      Stop using a grocery bag for every trip to the store, that's just plain stupid. use a bag you already have laying around, or invest in a cloth bag for your car or bike.


          Stop the paper madness

          Instead of using endless amounts of paper towels, start using your dish rags and towels instead. Having a washcloth ready is key to lessen the use of paper towels. When done just use them for compost or recycle them where textile recycling is possible near you.


              Find alternatives

              Instead of buying a plastic bottle of whatever, try to find or make an alternative. for example, when buying cleaning products, try an alternative like distilled white vinegar or citrus and baking soda. These are great examples of what you actually can do with a couple home remedies.


                Change it for something better

                Things you buy regularly can be changed for the better, you spend money on it anyways so why not change it for the better. Here I'm talking about everything from bottles to toothbrushes and paper towels. If there is a greener alternative like a bamboo toothbrush over a plastic one, or a sustainable bamboo paper towel make the change!


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